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A 30-Year Real Estate Maestro in the Fraser Valley

With over three decades of top-producing success in the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board, Randy stands as an unmatched authority in ownership, sales, investing, project marketing, and development. For the past 23 years, he has spearheaded one of Canada's most triumphant real estate teams, achieving an astonishing average of 250+ transactions annually.

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Return On Life

Life is more than your return on investment, It's about your return on life.

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Is the Juice worth the squeeze

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Randy's eBooks

Take your game to the next level

7 Surefire Strategies for More Listings
A guide to listing success
Being a Successful Real Estate Agent with a $500K Net Worth
The ultimate guide
A Powerful Strategy forBuilding a Thriving B2BNetwork
Priceless passion prospecting
Harnessing leverage and legacy for impactful leadership inspired by Dr. Balaji-Krishnamurthy
The L3 leaadership blueprint
How To Create An Open House Experience
Why do we do Open Houses?
ChatGPT Prompts for Real Estate Agents
ChatGPT Prompts for Real Estate Agents
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